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Thread: Crusader Cookset Mk 2

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    Post Crusader Cookset Mk 2

    Okay, so I bit the bullet and bought one. First impressions, not bad at all, it's a bit like a miniature version of the "Swedish Army Trangia Military Cooker", and operates in just the same way. It appears to work fine with Hexi blocks and Flame Gel, particularly well with the later though. But, not quite so well with a Trangia burner, although it does work, I think maybe the burner head (19mm) is to close to the underside of the cooking pot. However, it does appear to work extremely well with the Evernew and the Evernew knockoff, the Mysolo titanium burners, mainly because, in my opinion,, the lower burner head (35mm) which gives the flames being generated more of a chance to do their work. I would be interested in any ones else's conclusions, however.
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    On my Trangia 25 cook set, the distance from put to burner is about 3 cm, and congrats on the new cooks set. I do not have that one.
    And back when I was suffering badly form shiny kit syndrome, your post would have started a frentic search for the best deal on a
    I'll make do with the US G.I cook set I have, that I never use... :-)
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