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Thread: SeaKing Helicopter Bought @ Auction

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    SeaKing Helicopter Bought @ Auction

    A retired search-and-rescue helicopter, which was bought at an MoD auction, has been transformed into a glamping pod. The 17m (56ft) Royal Navy Sea King was bought by Stirling farmer Martyn Steedman for 7,000. He has now had it converted into a holiday home, complete with a shower room and mini kitchen, which can sleep a family of six.

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    Good idea, I wish I had one of those, but I don't think I'd be converting it...
    I'd keep it just as it is, and fire it up every time the neighbour decides to turn her (dreadful) music up at night and have a party at hers... 😵

    or when she decides to start DIY at 9pm and/or cutting tiles at 8am on a Sunday...😬

    Out comes the chopper! 😎

    By the way 7000 is not that expensive for a helicopter!

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    That's pretty cool.
    I read somewhere recently Of a primary school buying An aeroplane fuselage to convert to a classroom. Reckoned it was cheaper than a purpose built structure. Great to reuse these things as inspiring Places to stay/ live / learn etc

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    I was in a Sea King that lost power once. We very nearly shat our pants let me tell you! All ended ok though, and we thought they were having a laugh with us, then when we landed and the loadmaster and pilots got out, well by the look on their faces it was clear they were not having a laugh with us The loadmaster was visibly shaking, apparently we lost several hundred feet in just a few seconds and only just avoided going into a very problematic spin!

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