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Thread: I am in love with my MSS

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    I am in love with my MSS

    We are moving into winter here in the land of 10,000 frozen brained Germans. I have been taking as much advantage as I can to get out and threaten the dead wood in the forest. Last night it got down to 34degrees F. I took my hammock, snugpak jungle blanket, mesh hammock, and grabber blkt. I also shoved my black -15 degree F bag in my ruck. After I set up my hammock, I put the net hammock under neath it. I lay the grabber blanket and an self inflating pad between the two hammocks. I shoved the snugpak on the topside of the hammock, and then laid out the MSS bag. I was toasty warm all night. Plus I save $300+ on under quilt. Around freezing and I slept like a baby. This MSS system is perfect for year round work. All summer, on certain nights, I have used the 50degree bag. So this winter I am going to take the entire set-up out and test it in the below zero stuff.
    On monday, I am going out for 3 days.
    Oh, and one other thing. I brought along a really nice t-bone and cooked that over an open fire for dinner. (Now if I only had a horse, a six gun, and a big cowboy hat I would be set.
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    T-bone cooked over the fire sounds very nice indeed!
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    Over a fire but in a pan with a little oil and butter plus salt/pepper/garlic I hope.
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