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    KvK Locking folders

    As its Sunday I've done a spot of testing for a selection of locking folders. The lineup as it stands.

    Lets get to it!
    Knife: jar o knives generic folder
    Blade material: metal
    Overall length:
    Blade thickness: 0.2
    Blade length: 5.5
    Blade shape: Drop point (semi serrated)
    Cutting edge: 5
    Grind: Hollow
    Handle Material: Aluminium+rubber
    Lock type: Liner
    Product Weight: 105

    We've all owned them, the little beater knives for in the shed, cost us a few quid and its just there. Well this offering is exactly that. Fit and finish as you may imagine are... Well... If you can't say anything nice! The sharpest thing about this our of the box (it actually came from a jar) is the pocket clip, and it isn't sprung so will not hold too securely if and when it takes a set. So you're going to need to sharpen it. That being said it'll do the job. The liner lock locks up very late and does rattle a little bit. The blade material is marketed just as stainless, my best guess is 440c or something along those lines and not the best quality 440c at that. The handle is surprisingly comfortable, and actually feels quite secure in the hand. The semi serrated edge will do your average folding tasks such as opening boxes and cutting cord quite well, although edge retention isn't brilliant. The thumb stud actually makes one handed opening really easy and the lock isn't too bad to disengage either. Its your average generic folder and to be quite honest isn't bad, especially if you want to practice sharpening or are prone to losing or damaging knives. Blade alignment isn't something I usually comment on as generally speaking knives I own are of a quality where its a given, but this one is off to one side quite severely. Price point, for change out of 2 it can be forgiven its shortcomings, if you find yourself without a knife for less than the price of a cuppa you're good to go. Would I carry it every day? No I wouldn't, but id keep it in the shed drawer or in the bottom of my bag for when I can't find anything else, and for 2 quid you can't complain, a capable little blade for a youngster maybe and not one you're going to care about using or losing.

    Knife:Spyderco paramilitary 2
    Blade Material:CPM S30V
    Blade Length (cm):8.7
    Blade Thickness (cm):0.35
    Closed Length (cm):12.20
    Overall Length (cm):21.0
    Blade Shaperop Point
    Cutting Edge (cm):7.8
    Handle Material:G10
    Lock Type:Compression
    Product Weight (g):111

    How can I start with the PM2, first off, its absolutely brilliant. The materials, construction and design are very good and to me its just the right size and weight for a locker. As spyderco tend to be, its incredibly sharp and very slicy. The action is smooth and running on bronze washer bearings, and once you get the thumb flick or finger flick dialled its easy to deploy one handed due to the spydie hole. Closing the knife is equally as easy due to the unusual compression lock, your index finger finds it quickly and a quick flick closes it even in gloved hands. Jumping on the spine and choil let you choke the knife up with a very secure grip and the pocket clip sits nicely in the hollow of your palm. In the pocket its spot on, light and thin enough to not take up too much space but just heavy enough to feel robust, and the sure click from the lock helps with that feeling. Lockup is solid with no movement. As a skinner it actually performs very well, the blade shape lets you get right in to whatever you're peeling, be that an apple or an animal, my only concern is the tip is a bit stabby so you have to be careful not to pierce too far. The cons, the lock while brilliant has one problem, it bites! If you flick the knife open (and you won't be able to resist) it can sometimes nip your finger, and it nips it hard enough to make you yelp (yes I'm speaking from experience) and it looks a little utilitarian, bordering on aggressive. other than that I can't say anything negative about it. Price point is spot on at 116.95, if you have the money to spare or you're looking for a first mid range folder, I can't recommend one enough. Would I carry it every day If lockers where UK EDC legal? Absolutely! Without a doubt.

    Knife:Spyderco Domino
    Blade Material:CTS XHP
    Blade Length (cm):8.0
    Blade Thickness (cm):0.3
    Closed Length (cm):11.60
    Overall Length (cm):19.9
    Blade Shape:Spear Point
    Cutting Edge (cm):7.3
    Handle Material:G10
    Lock Type:Frame Lock
    Product Weight (g):119

    The domino from spyderco, a full flat flipper knife aimed at the American EDC market. This particular knife has G10 scales but is also available with domino pattern carbon fiber for the same price, overall its a very good knife. The flipper is running on single row ball bearings and is silky smooth, flippers take a little getting used to at first but eventually you'll find them convenient and quick to open, although it does have a spydie hole for traditional one handed opening. Jimping on the spine and choil (just like the PM2) is well cut and makes this knife equally comfortable when holding the knife in a regular grip or choking the blade for finer work. Weight and balance are superb and it really does handle well. The titanium framelock locks solid and there's no movement in any plane, although its a little tricky to close one handed. On to the cons. The blade for me is a little broad and can struggle with tasks such as carving, that being said how often would you use a folder for carving? Its a little thin for my hands but its unobtrusive in the pocket and has just enough weight to remind you its there, with a good secure clip that's adjustable on the original scales. Fine but not outstanding as a skinner, pretty forgettable but certainly does the job on woodies. Price point, at 216.95 for me its a little expensive, its a solid knife and you're getting alot for your money but spyderco all have the same problem for me. They're technically brilliant, made from the highest quality materials and very well put together. But they lack something, the best way I can explain it, think of that set of brand new chisels you have, the steel is amazing, they're razor sharp and they do the job well. Now think of that old wood chisel that was your dads, its spotted with rust and beat up, the handle mushroomed years ago and the bevel is almost round, but you would be gutted if you lost it. Would I carry it every day if i could? No I wouldn't, but it would find its way into my pocket now and again. If you want something technically brilliant and have 217 spare, then you could do much worse.

    Knife:Medford Preatorian GT
    Blade Material2 Tool Steel
    Blade Length (cm):10.3
    Blade Thickness (cm):0.4
    Closed Length (cm):13.20
    Overall Length (cm):22.6
    Blade Shape:Tanto
    Cutting Edge (cm):9.5
    Handle Material:G10
    Lock Type:Frame Lock
    Product Weight (g):234

    First off, this thing is a BEAST. Everything about it screams heavy duty, go anywhere, do anything. Locked door in your way? No problem, just stab it in an pry out the lock! It really is that sturdy. The blade may only be 4mm thick, but its broad, and I mean very broad. Handling wise, as you may imagine its a tad wild, to me I think of this knife as a fixed blade replacement option and fine work with this is like playing piano wearing boxing gloves. The jimping in honesty does very little as its very large and I feel mainly an aesthetic choice. The titanium framelock is beefy and massively strong, this lock won't ever fail on you short of doing pull ups with it, and even then I would doubt it. Its D2 steel and unusual grinds, hollow on the belly and flat at the tip, are hair popping sharp and hold an edge forever, its had some pretty heavy use and some outright abuse and is still very sharp. Size wise, as I mentioned its enormous, and as for weight, you're basically carrying a boat anchor around but its more a knife for in a bag than in a pocket. Cons. It has 2 major and very much linked cons for me, 1 is the look of the thing. Your average bobby on the beat won't take kindly to this knife, its aggressive and tactical and ultimately designed as a weapon. Its blade boasts 2 "grooves for one handed opening"... No... They're fullers, blood grooves for anyone not in the know. And the glass breaker pommel is quite obviously designed as a skull crusher. Its going to be hard to argue good reason to carry the Medford. The second con supports the combat knife argument, in a normal grip this knife is quite uncomfortable for un gloved hands . Flip it around and hold it in any fighting grip (icepick, Filipino, eskrima etc) and the shape makes much more sense and is more comfortable Price point, 610 and you're honestly getting your moneys worth, but its a very expensive knife for occasional use. Would I carry this every day? No I wouldn't, in fact id rarely carry it. But if I was going to be stranded with nothing but a folder, or in the midst of a zombie apocalypse, the Medford is the only knife I would be reaching for.
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    Knife: Shirogorov F3
    Blade material: Cronidor 30 Evo
    Overall length: 22.3
    Blade thickness: 0.35
    Blade length: 9.5
    Blade shape: Drop point
    Cutting edge: 9
    Grind: Flat
    Handle material: G10
    Lock type: Liner
    Product weight: 152g

    The shiri is probably the highest quality knife I have ever owned or handled. And that's a bold statement encompassing many many knives. Everything about it is perfect. The flipper action is so smooth that light pressure sends the blade out in one quick motion and locks it securely in place. The cronidur 30 evo (comparible with S30V) blade is sharp enough to make a scalpel blush and in my opinion is very stylishly designed. Closing with one hand is also very easy and everything about it screams quality and engineering, little details like shaped edges on the liners and lock all add to a fantastic overall feel. The liner lock is solid and locks up very early, really secure, and not just for a liner I mean flat out really secure. Fit and finish as you may imagine are perfect and the knife is a very tactile object. It makes you want to hold it and use it, and personally I think its a very attractive knife. The jimping is right where your thumb naturally falls and helps you apply pressure if you need to. The shiri isn't too showy for me, its very much one where someone who knows little about knives will think "that's a nice knife" someone who knows alot about knives will hold it and fall in love. In the pocket it sits nicely and a slim but secure clip keeps it in place. It won't arouse suspicion if you're carrying it and it'll serve you well for years, its one to write into a will. Cons, just one, the lanyard hole, its there, technically, but anything thicker than fishing line you're going to struggle getting it in. Price point, well that depends, you're not going to get much change from a grand. Somewhere between 850 and 1000, and only usually available directly from the Shirigorov brothers or the fromRussiawithknives website. You won't see many second hand, and you're not getting this one, because its mine! Would I carry it every day? Surprisingly no, and the reason for that is I don't want to lose such an expensive knife. But I'd carry it very often when camping, its also a capable skinner and is used as such. If you want a money no object knife, buy a shiri, but remember unless you're already single to factor in the price of a divorce, because you will be when she sees the receipt!

    As for the best, they all have their uses. I have to go for the PM2 or the shiri, and probably couldn't choose between them. But I'll let you form your own opinions. If any if you see me camping, I normally carry a selection of knives and you're welcome to ask me for a test drive!

    Lock comparison

    Profile comparison

    Bulk comparison

    The 2 flippers

    If you stayed with me this far, thanks for reading.


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