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Thread: Home Sweet Home

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    Home Sweet Home

    Right, I think I've finally found it.
    My new sit spot.
    After my old one died a couple of years ago I've very much been in a wandering mariachi phase, trying to find a new favourite spot. One or two seemed all right but there was something missing and I just couldn't settle.
    Well, now I think I've found it!

    It's in a nice quiet spot, with a great south across the Weald. As you can see, it looks almost as if Mother Nature wanted someone to use it as a sit spot - a large oak with low branches that afford good shade and the base has turned itself into a bench complete with a kitchen area!
    Hopefully this will be the one.
    'What is this life if, full of care, we have no time to stand and stare' - William Henry Davies



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    Lovely spot!
    Good find...


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    Some places just "feel" right, don't they.
    I have a couple of specific places, where I will go meditate and just chill. Need to get there, more often.
    Hope you're new spot, lasts a long, long time.
    Nice find.
    He who says "he can" and he who says "he can't", are both usually right.

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    Looks Taylor made, that. Enjoy!

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    I wonder if that oak was waiting for someone to sit beneath it .
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