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Thread: First time Camping as a family - Shell Island

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    Quote Originally Posted by rik_uk3 View Post
    Next time you go, if you fancy a meal and a pint off site, try I'll admit a friend owns it but its a lovely place.
    The times I must have driven past that place. Definately going in next time!
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    If you're looking for family friendly wild camping you can't go wrong with Yes it's a membership organisation (20 per year) but it's based around obtaining permission from landowners so you can relax and in most cases have an open fire without worrying about being disturbed or being asked to move on. It's a co-op run by campers/bushcrafters for campers/bushcrafters. More woodland location being added all the time.

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    Nice first post NWC, how about an intro?
    South Wales UK

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