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Thread: I will admit I'm a Kayacat backer

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    We I took the Kayacat down to the Solent today for a test run. The wind was 15 knots blowing on shore with a minimal swell so very promising.

    First time inflation/assembly took just under 20 minutes and is relatively straight forward. Launching was very easy, essentially it is a case of step into the gap between the hulls in front of the seat, lift the boat by the frame and walk into the water.

    Performance wise in the boat seems to want to turn side on to the wind if it is being used as a kayak but this wasn't unmanageable. When under sail I found my first real issue in that the rudder mount hasn't been tightened enough making things fairly tricky. However, even with this issue, the Kayacat sailed both in and with the wind quiet well.

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