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Thread: Hello to all!

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    Result! Getting permission is the biggest hurdle many of us face. So will you be building a permanent or semi-permanent shelter?

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    Hi Pootle, it is a great result! and very appreciative as i now it can be hard to gain permission. It will be semi permanent for now, more of a frame to put a tarp over and maybe in time fit some type of permanent roof. I will post pictures shortly when i figure out how to do it as new here haha. And need to bump up my post count to 50+ as i got a brand new snugpak stamina 40 litre pack in olive to sell as bought it to try but lost the labels so cant return it so only used once and only had it 2 days haha doh!. 50 posted if you now of anyone interested but cant post in the for sale forum until 50+ posts.

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    Welcome Mike. I look forward to seeing some photos of your new permission.

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    Hi LoneWalker, will get some photos up shortly but having trouble with the photo uploader not letting me do it.

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    Oh dear, looks like I'm a bit late

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