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Thread: Tony1948..beware of the bears

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    Tony1948..beware of the bears

    Morning all..
    I'm kelly Tonys daughter am sorting through all my dad's tools and leathers which he made his knifes with as on Monday it will be a year since dad's passing . Could anyone advise me who or where to post pictures to sell it all .
    Would really appreciate your advice
    Kelly x

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    Hello Kelly.

    I hope you and your Mum are well. I was thinking of your Dad the other day - so many things trigger memories (little metal tobacco tins and leather being the main ones!).

    Within this forum the area is:

    Any posts should be accompanied with the following statement:
    "I am selling this item as a private seller and this sale is in no way the responsibility of or any of its moderators. I promise to use this area to sell unwanted kit, not to repeatedly list similar items in the pursuit of profit."

    Mods - please let Kelly know if I've missed anything.

    Another option could be to see if Dave would take some kit to a meet.

    Good luck,

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    Hi Kelly.
    It's good to hear from Tony's family.
    I'm sure any sale of your Dads tools etc will go down well here.
    Good luck whatever you decide.
    Best wishes
    Nobody wins, unless everybody wins

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    Many thanks

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    Hi Kelly. The above advice is correct. Any problems just give us a shout and we will help any way we can.

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    hope all is well

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    Thank you . Your all very kind. Would I be able to sell dad's boxed crossbow on here too.?

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    I wouldn't presume to speak for Natural Bushcraft, Kelly. I would think you could sell most things belonging to your Dad on here.
    Take care.
    Nobody wins, unless everybody wins

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    Thank you xxx hecwas so knowledgeable and has so much stuff ...I think many a man would make use and If it puts a few pennies in me mum's pocket then great she's moving bk down here soon as sold in clacton . She needs to be with family and friends. U have alk been very kind x t

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    Hi Kelly. I'm off next week if you wish to meet up. If I can help in any way please let me know. Are you still near lakeside.
    A wise man once said.

    ATB. Don't get eaten by the Bears.


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