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Thread: Another Nice Find

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    Another Nice Find

    I found this stone kicking along the riverside in Glasgow a few months ago. A wee dog was chewing it. I didn't want to deprive the wee doggie of it's 'chew toy' (stone) so I picked up a piece nearby & exchanged it. The dog wasn't silly it was looking at the stone I had in my hand. I explained to the owner as she approached, me being a good Samaritan (tongue firmly in cheek), I didn't want to see the wee dog choke on this large stone ahem.. apologetic she was & I pocketed the stone, I then cleaned it in the river. At the time I hadn't introduced it to the steel striker. I was wondering then "If" the black layers were flint? It's colour resembles Thornton's toffee with black stripe layers. I sent the photo's to a "stone kicker" initially then she viewed it & she sent me today a positive ID the stone is made entirely from iron (maybe iron carbonate) with a solid iron centre, or with groups or bands of small iron nodules. The black layers are in fact coal & the others are iron ore & rust layers. I've since introduced the stone to the steel striker & it shews sparks like flint Whoo Hoo.. I initially though it was maybe imported as a agate for pathways or such likes but the details given due to the geo location famous for iron ore pig iron & coal etc.. the smooth outer may have been created from the stone rolling & tumbling in the river Clyde, it does originate from Scotland. A nice addition to the FSK box.

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    Nice find!
    I really wouldn't have guessed just by looking at it, that it shews sparks ...

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    Another rock to add to the hundreds of types that can produce sparks. Very nice!

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    nice find
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