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Thread: 2 Lions, one Gorilla and a big Shark

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    2 Lions, one Gorilla and a big Shark

    All killed by humans in the last week because of the behaviour (wittingly or unwittingly) of humans.

    As people who spend time out and about, and with a vague affinity to nature, were these decisions right or wrong? Personally, I think the Lions and the Gorillas were inevitable, not quite so sure about the shark though. Although that could just be some misplaced shark love on my part!

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    Only know the gorilla story,
    shame they killed it, even though the gorilla shown great care in keeping child from harm...
    Too many humans in my opinion,
    wild animals should be left wild and their habitat protected...

    Saying that ,If it were my child I'd probably be singing a different tune...

    However there are nice stories like this...

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