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Thread: Chicken of the woods

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    Chicken of the woods

    Hello everyone,
    just thought I'd share that I found a Laetiporus (chicken of the woods) on a tree, well out of the way of public paths 😉.

    I harvested some but left its attached part on the tree, as well as a few more brackets, so I can get more later on in the year.

    These make delicious risottos and omelettes but I wondered if anyone on here knew of any more recipes ?

    Anyways , here's more information on these just for reference...

    Any recipes comments welcome.

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    hello Woody,
    Awesome find. I'd add the fungi as a pizza topping or any other Bushcraft food that is quick & easy to prepare over the campfire noodles pasta rice.. BTW they're good flash fried in beer batter.. be careful of tummy upsets with this type of fungi if your not used to eating it. I would suggest small portions see how you fair.

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