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Thread: Pipes and tubing standards

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    Pipes and tubing standards

    Here in Norway a serious problem of confusion regarding standards for pipes and tubes has surfaced.
    Since this must be an international problem, I clearify it here for you.

    1. All tubes and pipes must be produced from a long hole, encased in steel, concrete or synthetic materials - accurately centered around the hole.

    2. All tubes and pipes must have a hole spanning the full length of the tube/pipe. Remember that this hole should not be longer than the pipe/tube.

    3. The inner diameter must not be larger than the outer diameter of the pipe. In this case the hole will leak to the outside.

    4. All tubes/pipe must consist of nothing in the hole, so that water i.e. can run trough with ease.

    6. All tubes/pipes longer than 150 meters, must be marked "long tube/pipe" so that builders and other professionals may see that this is a long tube/pipe.

    7. All tubes/pipes with a diameter larger than 150cm must be marked "large tube", so that contractors do not accidentally use it as a small tube.

    8. When an order of a 90, 45, or 30 degree bend in the pipe/tube is ordered, one must specify if the bend should be to the right or to the left, to avoid laying the pipe in the wrong direction.
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    Ridiculous regulations. How do you cope?

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