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Thread: Mobile app - Bushcraft EN

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    Mobile app - Bushcraft EN

    I would like induce guide for android about bushcraft in English.
    app working offline.

    Download link


    + Edible wild plants of temperate zone with detailed descriptions and photographs
    + 50 edible mushrooms with a photo and a short description
    + A fire, safety principles and techniques
    + All about water - water filtration, boiling water for tea recipes and more
    + Trees with photographs,description and their usage
    + Camping in the countryside - useful advice on how to properly and best sleep in nature
    + Orientation in nature
    + Other survival and bushcraft skills

    I hope you will like it and I'll be glad for some feedback.
    If you have any problem contact me here or mail

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    Not a good idea to leave your email on an open forum.
    South Wales UK

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    This app should made free to evaluate , at least for a trial period.

    Some apps will let you use full privileges for 30 days or 7 days, from then on reverting to limited use.

    "You're as tight as 2 coats of paint Woody! It's only a pound..."
    I hear you say...

    ...well that's true as well, I am a tight git.
    if all of us pay a pound for this app, which may or may not teach you anything, or you may or may not like it , it's only a pound...

    ... but it's not even for a cause or a charity.

    ...meanwhile this chap made a fair bit of money on the curiosity of the punters .
    Am I being too harsh?

    This guy's first and only post is to SELL us the "Bushcraft encyclopaedia"?

    His advice on tapping a birch tree doesn't sit well with me either...

    (sealing the tree afterwards with "dirt and/or wax" )

    No thanks, not for me...
    I'll stick to books, NBUK and field experiences....

    Sorry just my opinion.


    This is a much better example of what app development and customer interaction should be in my opinion.

    I'm not saying it will be a better or worse app... just liked the approach and interaction with its target audience.

    Just my 2p worth
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