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Thread: North Wood meet June 24~26

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    North Wood meet June 24~26

    Hi, just a heads up to a meet I have organised. details are posted here if anyone is interested

    North Wood meet June 24~26 2016

    Welcome to North Wood 2016 Dates for your diary

    This meet I intend to Hire a brush cutter from our communal funds and clear some of the brambles from the North (farm end) pitch, any help along with cutting / raking tools would be much appreciated. There may also be a program of work to clear new pitches, and collect and process wood for the communal fire, any help will be welcome

    We will aim to camp on the centre pitch, however if ground conditions dictate, we will use the old winter pitch at the farm end, just offload and return vehicles to CP1 at the farm, I will update this nearer the time.

    collecting wind blown and dead standing is allowed this meet if you prefer to have your own small fire, live wood is to remain untouched.
    Again I intend to temporarily up the pitch fee's from £5 per night to £6 for a maximum of two nights per meet
    This is necessary to replace communal items and for the occasional hire of power tools such as a brush cutter to clear brambles etc. enabling more pitch choice

    As before, early get in / extra days may be available if enough interest is shown

    for clarification this is a private and sole occupancy piece of woodland sourced and managed by me. This facility is advertised elsewhere and is available for anyone to attend either individually or as a group, whatever organization you affiliate to.

    everything you need to know about the meet is here...

    the long winded but necessary caveat's

    Location of meet

    North Wood is set in the heart of middle England and has excellent access to the M1, M6, M6 tollroad, M42, M40 and M5.

    location is
    opposite the belfry golf club on theA4091, for those arriving early there is a large layby opposite the entrance,the full address is;

    Middleton House Farm
    Tamworth Road
    North Warwickshire
    B78 2BD


    please pay on arrival or as soon as is practicable. I donít want to be chasing people for fees as theyíre packing up!

    ē 18+............. £5 per night, Plus £1 communal fee, see above.
    ē Aged 12~17 .....£3 per night
    ē Under 12


    To ensure the future of North Wood as a camping, bushcraft venue, and to conserve the continuing stocks of wood for the communal areas, the following conditions will apply Unless stated otherwise in the meet introduction

    Wood collected and processed during the course of the meet is for use in the communal fire area (excluding small sticks, twigs) so that everyone benefits, or in some cases for the use of the farmer.

    If you want to bring in your own Honey Stoves, hobo stoves, twig, small stick burners (thumb size) and the like, they are acceptable providing they have sufficient ground clearance or protection to prevent scaring. Pit fires or similar are not acceptable.

    Modified jerry can (or similar) stoves, tent/tipi/lavvu stoves and the like are not acceptable unless you bring a sufficient amount of fuel for your needs for the duration of the meet.

    live wood is to be left untouched, unless of course there's planned maintenance,in which case it will go to the communal fire or any projects.

    With all the dead wood to hand, I know itís going to be tempting to carry on using it for individual fires, Iím hoping this is going to be self regulating however if individuals blatantly ignore this, they will not be invited back.
    This is not negotiable, If you require clarification on what is acceptable, drop me a pm.

    I hope I have explained my motives for these actions clearly. They have been put in place to ensure the longevity of North Wood as a venue.


    There are male and female toilets located next to CP1, an outside water tap is situated at the end of the car park wall. (
    see map link below)


    weíre still here on trial so it really is a case of leaving no junk / fire scars etc. the only thing we should leave is a good impression, take your rubbish home, there are no facilityís to leave it on the farm.
    There have been odd occasions when other peoples rubbish has had to be disposed of, If you brought it in, itís up to you to dispose of it. No exceptions.

    Under 18s

    Are to be accompanied by a parent or guardian, and will be the responsibility of the person who bought, invited them.


    Generally speaking our meets are very good natured and self regulating. However if someone is found to be unduly aggressive, unruly, or are otherwise hostile in any other form, they will be asked to leave immediately. if the offending person is a minor then the parent or loco parentis will be asked to accompany them off site.

    If a member or guest has possible behavioural issues, the meet organiser should be informed before attending the site. In an instance where other members or their guests are put at risk, the member, inviting member and/or their guest will be asked to leave with immediate effect.


    there is no insurance cover of any description covering the attendees of North Wood meets, any incidents arising will be entirely at your own risk.

    dogs or other pets

    Are not allowed, exceptions can be made under special circumstances.

    Restricted areas

    A small section on the approach to northwood is sssi, unless otherwise instructed this will be marked and out of bounds, as will a small area within the wood which is personal to the farmer and is strictly out of bounds, (see map link below).


    Access is from 1200 on the given date unless we have made prior arrangements toget in earlier. For security reasons the electronic gates will be closed overnight from 1900 to 0800 and all day Sunday, possible late or early arrivals feel free to pm me for the gate code. We will vacate the site no later than 1300 on whatever day the meet ends.

    The gate from the farm yard into the meadow must be kept closed at all times,if you open it you close it,

    the fields on the approach to the wood are sometimes hired out to a private company. If on arrival there is any activity on the meadow between CP1 and the wood, and you need to unload or park your vehicle on CP2 or CP3, keep to the track and proceed with caution at 15mph


    There are no medical facilities on site, the nearest A & E is 15 minutes drive at;

    Good Hope Hospital
    Rectory Road,
    Sutton Coldfield,
    B75 7RR

    And finally for those not familiar with north wood,
    this link may help...

    switch to satellite and click on the symbols for more information.

    well thatís it for now, any questions just sing out

    All the best and look forward to meeting you,

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    Hi Steve, i would have been well up for coming along but sadly the dates clash with the uk knives show and i'm in need of materials. (gutted) Are you likely to organize more meets as i'd like to drop on the next one if you do? i'm not far away from you so nice and easy to get to. Hope you have a good meet atb Daz.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Badger 73 View Post
    Hi Steve, i would have been well up for coming along but sadly the dates clash with the uk knives show and i'm in need of materials. (gutted) Are you likely to organize more meets as i'd like to drop on the next one if you do? i'm not far away from you so nice and easy to get to. Hope you have a good meet atb Daz.
    Hi Daz thanks for asking just below the chute picture there's a link to future meets if that helps ?

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    Oops, lack of looking again! sorry. I'll hopefully get along to the august meet if that's ok. look forward meeting up, cheers again. Atb Daz.

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