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Thread: Tree ID help please

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    Tree ID help please

    Spotted two or three of these young trees, in the woods that I frequent, havent a clue what they are, but I remember seeing leaves like this elsewhere
    All help appreciated

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    Difficult to say, with so little info.
    Need approximate size and texture of both top and underneath the leaf.

    Also does it have little purple buds ?
    Or Is it a evergreen?

    It could be a number of species.

    Looking around the close surroundings helps... (IE : last year's foliage on floor and/or seedpods, nuts on floor , similar leafed trees nearby, etc .)

    At first looked like walnut, but leaves are not quite the same...
    it could be grey willow, could be just pear , a variety of cherry and even Magnolia's leaves look quite similar to this...
    So it's a tough one , with so little info.
    I will check my book and come back to you on this...
    Meanwhile, I would buy a Collins Tree guide book my friend, the one written by Owen Johnson and David More... they are really complete, including winter descriptions, cheap and very good value as books go.... (paperback ones are cheaper, especially second hand from Amazon... the hardcover will cost more)
    Any Tree book really, as long as they have description of the trees in all 4 seasons...
    Some don't...

    Hope it helps
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    Going back down the woods Tuesday, will get some better and more detailed pics

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