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Thread: Which Self-Inflating Mat

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    Which Self-Inflating Mat

    I'm looking for a 3/4 length, coffin-shaped, self-inflating mattress. IN BUSHCRAFT FRIENDLY COLOURS! (so that'll be browns, greys, olive green (NOT apple green) or black).
    Oh yeah, I don't really want to pay over 50.
    I did look at one of the British army ones, but they were square-shaped, not coffin-shaped.
    Any recommendations - and a link would be jolly handy?
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    Been looking at some myself recently, The vango range tick all boxes except colours as they tend to come in garish oranges etc but great price at 15 quid or so, this looks a good bit of kit, Under 40 quid, free delivery, 4 seasons, 440g weight, may dip my toes with it, if so will keep you posted but heres a link to take a looksee....

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    I use a Thermarest Trail Pro womens' version, got it off the Amazonian for dirt cheap since they were running a sale at the time. The womens' is 4.8 R-value, the men's is 4.0.
    Not really an apple-green colour, but it will blend in quite well in the spring and summer. The underside is black.
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    Alpkit, they do a range of mats, their Air120 should fit your requirements.

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    +1 on Alpkit's stuff. I've got one of the fat ones and they're great! I was using closed cell foam roll mats before - NEVER AGAIN! You get a 3 year warranty too I think. Get a decent travel pillow and you're sorted.
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