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Thread: "Yew nique" map of Great Britain

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    Between Savernake forest and Avebury stone circle

    "Yew nique" map of Great Britain

    Came across another free resource on one of the most wonderful species of all of living things.

    The Yew was here long before the longbow archers .
    Some are over 2000 years old.

    This magnificent tree has esoteric connotations and magical meanings worldwide not just in Britain.

    We are lucky enough to host some of the oldest specimens worldwide, this website is more than just a fun resource for your community, its a great asset and a step in the right direction for conservation and humanity in general.

    Please order your free Yew tree and plant it in your favourite spot.

    Or just read, share and participate in any way you can.

    Thank you

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    Between Savernake forest and Avebury stone circle
    Bump, so on this subject I decided to investigate the possibility of having ancient Yew trees near where I live.
    Good grief!! Loads of them!!

    I suppose I do live near Avebury stone circle , Marlborough (Merlin's borough) 1204 chartered town and ancient forest of Savernake...
    Silbury hill, Stonehenge and Pan's den as well as the West Kennet long Barrow...
    Ancient sacred sites , dotted around every corner...

    So me and the woody family , decided to go have a picnic by the ancient springs of Alton , just us and the local bovines...

    This is the bubbling brook where the water comes up from the aquifers and surfaces here, one of the many sources of the river Avon!!!

    Here is a little video of the bubbling brook... in action.

    The reason we came here is because I wanted to see this Old Giant.
    This tree is certified 1700 years old, certificate signed by Sir David Bellamy himself.

    Just to put it in perspective, at that time 1700 years ago in Great Britain, the Romans were still having nightmares about our woodlands and forests.

    That's a pretty special Tree, so ive mapped it on the conservation website..
    This Yew is so big , its split into two, they sometimes do... and you can walk straight through the middle..

    In some cultures, it is believed that when walking through an ancient Tree like this , you come out as a different person the other side...

    We all paused, reflected, left a gift inside the tree , for a blessing and show of respect and took our turns in passing through this great ancestor of ours , if it were a portal into a new and promising future.

    That was one of the most magical afternoons I've spent in a long time.

    Blessed be the sacred Yew trees.

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