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Thread: A New Beginning....

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    Well done, like fish said there is plenty of time for a degree later in life...I was a very mature student lol
    South Wales UK

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    Well done - what an opportunity for you.

    Keep us all posted please

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    Thanks again, guys . A lot of the SCA positions for backcountry trail work are also very appealing. I remember reading one for a location in Wyoming - you literally live a bushcraft life, spending 8-9 days by yourself in very remote areas, having to be self-sufficient, and making data reports. Those kinds of jobs are probably the most fun for people like us, but I am more than happy with what I've already got .
    I'll definitely keep you all posted and upload pics
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    Well done, a great opportunity by the sounds of it, and as you say, a paper education can come at a later date

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