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Thread: Fire Lighting using a Lemon

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    Fire Lighting using a Lemon

    A bit of fun - Fire Lighting using a Lemon
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    I had a gizmo years ago 'Hawking by Post' I think it was from? they did alsorts of weird & wonderful gizmo's & gadgets. It was an alarm clock powered by a orange (any citrus fruit). A similar experiment we used years ago at night as a kind of rescue aid. A full size jaffa orange which was available from the trail snacks of our woodland venture. Firstly, peel the orange. We saved the peel from the full jaffa for this demonstration. Affix the candle from your survival kit onto a holder or flat surface with good visibility all around & light it. Pick up a length of the orange peel. Holding it near the flame, bend the peel & squeeze it, ensure that the outside of the peel is facing towards the flame & you should get some very nice flashes & flares from the flame. As you maybe aware the orange peel contains oil of orange. This oil gives the orange its smell but it is also quite flammable. As you continue to bend & squeeze the orange peel, the orange oil squirts into the flame, producing a nice flash. It is visible over a distance. The citrus oil also acts as a insect repellent. Simple but effective.

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