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Thread: Flexi togs....They just fell my way...Double usage?

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    Flexi togs....They just fell my way...Double usage?

    A mate of mine upon hearing of my winter camping donders kindly furnished me with a two piece flexi tog suit, used previously in a warehouse freezer section and rated to minus 50 degrees, Now as grateful as I was and always am for donations I figured at first I would never be in a situation to really need them (hopefully) but not wanting to look a gift horse in the mouth I thought id give them a whirl.

    Very bulky bit of clothing as you'd expect, I contemplated taking it instead of a sleeping bag and just bedding down in it inside my hammock, then err'd on the side of caution and took the bag and just the trousers, too bulky and warm to wear for the walk in so packed them down in my sack, once set up for the day and wandering around camp doing all the usual I forgot about them for a while but when the sun dropped and the temps with it I gave the trousers a whirl, very comfortable and surprisingly non restrictive for such bulky gear, very good bit of kit for early to late evening when all the work done and you just relaxing in camp, tried a combination of things during the night, just the trousers alone didnt work for sleeping, my bottom half was fine but without the jacket the suits integrity was compromised by my relatively exposed upper half but carrying the jacket and trousers except in times of snow, extreme temps etc seems counter productive if you need a bag also. Again though a plus side in the morning, waking up to a nice crisp frost they were welcome to jump into to get the morning coffee on, I attempted to make the walk out with them on just to see, but with temps of 2 degrees I think I got a mile before they became just too warm.

    Over all a cracking bit of kit, not something I'd have purchased at the price I've since seen but a very welcome addition to stow away for when I can use them fully, Would be interested if anyone else has encountered these in an outdoor setting or indeed used them as a sleep suit as such, will get some more pics of the suit itself but heres one I took......

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    I've had cause to use a similar suit, really wouldn't want to carry/ wear in the woods.
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