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Thread: Allotment Blog - New post!

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    Red face Allotment Blog - New post!

    Hi All,

    Ashley kindly linked to a blog that I started last year, which I've sadly been neglecting over the winter. However, I've posted a new article today as Ashley and I spent the afternoon at the allotment yesterday:

    The sun shone in Cornwall for a good few hours this weekend! Ashley and I have been meaning to get to the allotment for several weeks now, however bad weather and a dislike for standing out in the cold meant that we kept putting it off... Read the full post here

    I plan to write posts more regularly, I'm hoping longer days and maybe even a bit of sunshine will help inspire me! If you have any comments or suggestions, please let me know!


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    Clare, that purple sprouting broccoli looks good enough to eat, straight off the laptop
    As for a comment....I would say you need to `crack the whip` more with Ashley
    I'm sure he could do a couple of hours on the allotment....before work
    Just don't tell him I suggested it,
    Nobody wins, unless everybody wins

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    I've just gotten involved with an allotment group with my Dad, it's only 2 hours or so a week at the moment but that's all he can manage anyway, be good to compare what your planting and growth rates compared to up North.

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    ill check it out

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