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Thread: New Small Mora Knife - Morakniv Eldris

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    Lightbulb New Small Mora Knife - Morakniv Eldris

    Has anyone heard the news? Frosts Mora has recently announced a new knife with a very small blade:
    • Fixed Blade
    • Full Tang
    • 58mm (2.2") long

    This could be a handy little number, I'm looking forward to see how it feels in the hand, I love using small but useful blades and more often that not you don't need a huge bowie knife to get the job done!

    More details on the new knife here:
    and here:

    Would love to know your thoughts

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    They look nice, might have to just because lol

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    i really like the look of those ashley, i would be keen to get my hands on one for abit of a play.. could be a very handy bit of kit. full tang is a huge plus for me on such a small knife.

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    These actually look really handy. I'd like to see one in the flesh.

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    The proportions just don't seem ideal to me
    Maybe I'm looking at the blade, from a wood carving perspective.
    Doesn't have the fitness of the 106 (my favourite mass produced carving knife) or even the120.
    Too short for splitting firewood. So not a knife I'm immediately drawn to, although that could change once I handle it.☺
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    It's certainly not a knife for splitting firewood! But then neither is a Svord Peasant, Opinel or other small handy knives. It's for those quick cutting tasks. I'm actually intrigued as to how it might handle in terms of carving & whittling, I'm always interested in trying smaller knives for that sort of thing.

    If you think about is the power & control is toward the base of the blade nearest the handle, for the majority of tasks your using the first inch of the blade even if you might be wielding a 4" knife.
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    Looks like a great little neck knife. Might have to get one
    Do you think they'll bring out a carbon steel version?
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    95% of my knife use in the woods consist of cutting open the bag of hot dogs, and making spits for them. This knife would be perfect for that. But I think the 10-15 other knives I own will have to make do, but if I see this onbe for sale somewhere, I will probably be overcome by the shiny kit syndrome and get myself one :-)
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    Not sure if people have already seen this but more information can be found here:

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    Yeah, I really like the look of that.
    I too am someone who prefers smaller knives. Personally, I have no need for a big knife - preferring to use a saw for cutting wood.
    The only thing that makes me hesitate is the fact that it's fixed blade. When it comes to small knives I prefer a folder so I don't have to think about legal issues (just about all my outdoor activities take place on public land - however remote and 'hidden' I may be). A folder causes no problems to me since, as FF said, most of my knife-use tasks revolve around opening packets or simple whittling tasks that a folder copes with admirably.
    But I love the look of this little knife and I could see a use for it.
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