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Thread: Calling emergency numbers

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    Calling emergency numbers

    Here is a tip for countries that use the 112 emergency number.

    If you have trouble getting trough because of bad coverage, remove your SIM card or restart your phone without dialing in
    your pin code. Call 112 (Police) , they should be able to forward you to other rescue services if needed.

    When doing this you phone will use any available service provider, and not just the one you subscribe to. Thus you may be able to get better coverage.

    This works in Scandinavia, and should work elsewhere. It is at least worth a try when the normal method fails.
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    Thanks mate, I've seen something similar but can't for the life of me think what it was ? Anyway, all good advice.

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    You can often send a text when you can't get a voice signal so text a family member and get them to contact the emergency service for you.
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    This might be of interest for the UK

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