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Thread: Stool/bag combo..

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    Stool/bag combo..

    When reading this post it might help to bear in mind that the item costs less than many brands of 20 cigarettes..I found it in a sale for 7.50. Some poor quality photos I'm afraid but they may help with the overall view.
    The fabric is a medium weight 'Oxford' type material with a backing which helps with waterproofing, only of course where it is not punctured by the stitching of straps etc: The buckles are of the Fastex type and not at all flimsy, padding on the stool seat and shoulder straps is minimal but effective enough. There is a main compartment with a drawstring closure and 3 outer pockets which are snap buckle fastened. The stitching, at least on my sample, is good with bar tack type finish at stress points. No loose threads or dodgy seams that I can find. The artificial light makes it appear grey when in fact it is Olive green.

    I probably overloaded it for the recent trip to the wood in my other post, but it was a cold day and although I don't really subscribe to the Survival mode thinking in general, like most of us I do believe in reasonable safety precautions. Zero degrees is zero degrees wherever you are, a woodland in Sussex or the slopes of the Cairngorms so I took what I thought was appropriate for a wrinkly sitting all day in the wood in January.

    The disreputable looking pouch at the top contains a folded sub zero rated Down jacket. The white bundle is a big wound dressing and the black stuff bottom left is strips of rubber inner tube as extra firelighters. There's a small spotting telescope next to the saw. And the usual Poncho for shelter and brew kit in the camo lots of water..I'm a tea-a-holic..
    Knife, small 1st aid and fire kit on my belt.

    I was wearing a winter jacket but found the little pack rides comfortably enough when the shoulder straps are properly adjusted. I found that adding the extra strap, when done up tight with it's buckle kept the folded stool completely closed (as in photo 2) when on my back, otherwise it tended to open as in this photo...The same could be achieved with a simple tie of paracord around the two parts of the stool, I just happened to have a handy strap available.

    In summary..I would say if you see them on sale still ( I got mine at a place called The Range, they were having an after Christmas clearout) they are definitely worth the price if used within their obvious limitations.

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    Thanks for the heads up and write up, looks like a nice edition for the money.

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    looks great, seen them around but never for that cheap! only ever seen them in tackle shops .. prices usually abit more in there on most things.. ill have to keep n eye out in other places... thanks

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    Very interesting....a buddy of mine gave me a stool very much like that one, though the fabric is a grey-ish shade. Not sure where he got it, but I presume it came with a rucksack much like yours. I think it's cool that it doubles as a seat and a sort of external frame .
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