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Thread: Snugpak Jungle Hammock

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    Snugpak Jungle Hammock

    Have any of you used the Snugpak Jungle hammock?
    These ones:

    What did you reckon?
    Are they single or double layer? Did that make any difference?
    Any thoughts and opinions, and comparisons with other hammocks (particularly the DD range) would be appreciated.
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    I have used the snugpak version with the separate mossy net that can be removed completely or just slid to one end, the hammock is a single skin with a webbing strap at either end, it will take a someone who over 6 foot tall without any problem, by the way I still have it.

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    I'm currently hanging a DD rig, I have looked into the snugpak gear and may possibly venture their way for my next hammock and also like the look of their underblankets although a bit pricey, one thing I will add that I hope may help is that in all the poking around I've done looking at their gear they very very rarely seem to get any bad reviews so it would appear a safe venture in that respect at least, quality products across the board it seems.

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    From what I've seen and heard from folks who have used both, is that the Snugpak is lighter and doesn't take up as much room as the DD Travel and Frontline models. I don't have actual weight comparisons for each, but the Snugpak is also just one single layer of fabric with a mozzie net. As to a comparison between the Snugpak and the DD Camper or Camping model (whatever it's called, the basic one without the mozzie net), that would be interesting in terms of weight.
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    I can only speak for the DD camping hammock as that's my current rig, website states weight of 650g for hammock only, but with 10m of webbing and stuff sack it comes in exactly at 1.1kg, Use wise its not let me down yet, its double skinned with zipper entry, I wouldn't recommend sleeping inside the cocoon as it's breath-ability is questionable and it damps up, you can however place a roll mat or a wool blanket or even an inflatable mattress in there for insulation and sleep open topped so to speak. It lacks loop attachments around the outside for hanging an underquilt like the other DD models, not a big deal, you can still sling an underquilt but just not as conveniently.
    Also it lacks any mozzie net, again not a major factor as improvisations are easily achieved.

    Pack dimensions for hammock with 10m of webbing once in stuff sack are pretty minimal, It fits into a side pouch on my rucksak and still room for my tarp in there too.

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