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Thread: Tarp...3x3 or 4.5x3 or 4.5x4.5?

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    Tarp...3x3 or 4.5x3 or 4.5x4.5?

    As the title says...which would you go for for maximum versatility?


    Thanks in advance

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    I only have experience of the first two sizes. I've nothing against the 3x3 but in comparison the 3x4.5 is palatial. That said the larger tarp can be more challenging to rig up if it is windy. I usually set up the 3x4.5 in a tent formation and fold the ends in. It's very cosy that way. So for me, I'd stick with the 3x4.5 but I've yet to see/try a 4.5x4.5.
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    I'm thinking if the 4.5x4.5 because I want the extra space and ability to use it as a 3 person shelter if needed.

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    I upgraded a few years ago from an army basha to a 3 x 3 (British DPM - 3 x 3m - Elite Evolution Basha) I find it a good size for me, I have been in quite a few situations where I would have struggled for space to erect anything larger

    Just my experiences and opinion though
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    I'm using a small basha and frankly. Dislike it.

    I want something big enough that I can fit myself there, and perhaps anyone else that wants to join me when I'm out if they don't have their own.

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    search for tarp on ebay and a lot of listings for plastic tarps will pop up. They are cheap, cheap enough for you to buy several different sizes to try out before you splash out on more expensive kit.
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    Yeah. I've a small hardware store not far from me that does them at similar prices to eBay. I'll think I'll pick up some different sizes. At worst they'll be ground sheets to keep things dry(er).

    Thanks Rik.

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    I have not used a 4.5x3, but I really do like my 3x3 in coyote brown. Perfect size for hammocking, and ideal for tarp shelters - https://newenglandbushcraft.wordpres...tarp-shelters/

    That said, a larger tarp like a 4.5x3 or even a 4.5x4.5 would be great for 2 or more people.
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    See one configuration I don't like when seeing it in action is the diamond configuration. Whilst yes it offers more protection length ways, but side ways it seems like if it was a bit windy, would offer little protection.

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    I've got a 2.5 x 3 and it's great in itself but too small for hammocking as the ends of my hammock stick out! Hoping the birthday fairy brings me a 4.5 x 3 which will do most of what I need

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