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Thread: ' Alone ' - history channel survival show

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    ' Alone ' - history channel survival show

    the first season has been and gone already, but for those of you who havent seen it, or have never even heard of it, 10 survival guys are chucked into a remote area of the canadian islands, and the last man standing wins 500 grand.
    there allowed 10 items in there kit, and have to do all their own filming.

    heres a link to the episode's.
    10 in total.

    episode 1 - and so it begins :

    episode 2 - of wolf and man :

    episode 3 - the talons of fear :

    episode 4 - stalked :

    episode 5 - winds of hell :

    episode 6 - rain of terror :

    episode 7 - the hunger :

    episode 8 - the freeze :

    episode 9 - brokedown palace :

    episode 10 - triumph (finale) :
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    like the sound of this.. ill check out the link this evening.. cheers


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    It's not up to much IMHO, Ross did a balanced review well worth reading.
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    i think that guys review is being overly critical, and bending the rules to how he see's fit.

    after all, practically all of the worlds surface has been covered by humans in some sort of way, and practically impossible to take a large enough area to do this, without some sort of compramise for the contestants health and safety.

    im no extreme survivalist myself, but ive been out in the woods and tried it, if only for a couple days, i still experienced the same things that they did :- cold, wet, thirsty, tired, hungry, emotions, wildlife encounters. so to be so harsh and say its not fair, or fake, is being pretty negative in my opinion.

    i would love to go on it and try, to see what my limits are, but im an amature nobody in a big world, and doubt id get the chance.

    i loved the show myself, and will deffo be watching the next season.

    ill post up links for the rest of the episodes, for those of you that like it.

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    updated the 1st post for you guys, to include all 10 episodes.


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