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Thread: Tent Parts Question?

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    Tent Parts Question?

    Hi Guys

    About 5 years ago i was given a very lightweight 2 man tent which i had never opened till today,

    I really want to use the tent as its very light (2kg) and very small,Perfect for bike packing

    We tried to pitch it indoors but we couldn't find anywhere to attach the poles,

    I`ve since seen some pictures of the same tent on Amazon but none with the poles attached the only thing thats different
    to mine is 4 yellow discs (feet?) in the pole/guy ropes packet, (no yellow bits in mine)

    Could they be for supporting the tent poles if fitted inside the tent?

    Picture of yellow discs

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Hope this makes sense


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    Do you have a make and model of the tent, ta
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    Adrian, I imagine judging by the tent parts you have shown, that the tent is of the traditional Ridge type. I have a similar tent from the early 1970's. The small black V shape allows you to make an 'A' shape by inserting poles into each side of the V.This is for the entrance (door) end of the tent. The two pole section shown is probably the single rear pole, all the poles fit inside the tent and the yellow cups act as feet for the poles and prevents them puncturing the sewn in ground sheet when you tension the guy lines. My tent is higher at the door than at the rear, as your's probably will be judging by the number of pole sections. Apologies if you already know all that, but there is nowhere to actually 'attach' the poles in that type of tent, ( there may be little ties inside the tent at front and rear to tie to the poles when they are in position) you simply make the 'A' section for inside at the door and the single rear pole goes inside. It's a bit of an art getting it up on your own especially if it's windy, the trick is to spread the tent out, get your guys pegged out loosely in position, put the fitted A section inside and tension the front guys which should hold the A up while you stand the rear pole up and sort the guys out.
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    Thanks Saxonaxe

    The tent is a Paget Trading Ltd Cp14638 (must be from a budget outlet as i have never heard of it)

    It looks the same as a Wenzel Starlite Hiker (popular in the States as a budget bike/hike tent)

    I thought that was what the yellow feet were for my missus said use green milk bottle tops (i guess they would do the same job?)


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