Working with Axe/Knives has caused me a lot of damage to a 20 year old knuckle injury that was never seen to. I havenít done any Axe/Knife work for around 6 weeks and it is slowly getting better. Iím not willing to risk an operation incase it affects my magic performing abilities.

So now I have to work out a nice compromise on what to work with in relation to carving. On advice I should hopefully be ok working with vice related tools and definately with power tools. So sadly it means only carving at home. But hey ho, this sale is forced.

I was tempted to frame the tools and hang them on my wall. But I like things to be used. So I've listed some tools on eBay as a 5 day auction:

Gransfors Bruk - Small Carving Hatchet

Gransfors Bruk - Ceramic Axe Stone

Nic Westermann - Finishing Blade (Spoon Knife)

Nic Westermann - Micro Spoon Blade

Nic Westermann - Chip Carving Blade

Nic Westermann - Small Sloyd Carving Blade