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Thread: 2 weeks in Lapland this summer

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    2 weeks in Lapland this summer

    Hi everyone,

    I didn't log since many weeks, but hollydays were full of adventures ! Especially for going back to school ....

    Well, now I would like to talk about my last trip which took place in Swedish Lapland.
    Landscape were wonderful, I saw many tracks of animals -including bear- et approach reindeer a few meters away. I was very surprise that all the people I met spoke very well english, even the olders ! So the communication wasn't that bad around the fire
    Because I went alone. My friend couldn't reach me, he had exams. So I discovered the land freely, even if I felt a little bit alone some nights.

    So I let you the 2 videos to see how was it.
    (i'm sorry they are in french, but the second part comport less speaking and much more landscapes)

    Greats from France

    English isn't my mother tongue so pliz correct me if i'm wrong, thx !

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    Sounds interesting, I'll watch the video later when I have more time, thanks for sharing

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    Looks like you had the trip of a lifetime!
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    Thanks for the videos Jacob, very interesting viewing..

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    You are very fortunate... Looks like a once in a lifetime adventure, thank for sharing.

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