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Thread: The Wild Food and Chilli Fair, Essex

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    The Wild Food and Chilli Fair, Essex

    I attended this show on Sunday and I thought I'd chuck a link to it on the forum to give it a bit of a push for next year. It was the first one so almost predictably there were some teething troubles, notably a lack of local signage and the fact that the show was spread out over a large area with no central being the main ones.

    That said it could do with being called the Bushcraft, Wild Food and Chilli Fair because it had Shark Designs, Will Lord, the RSPB, the Woodland Trust, Beneath the Stars Leatherwork, Kaos Blacksmiths, European Bushcraft School, The Wild Side of Life, 1948 Equipment, Greenman Knives, Survival and Medical Services, Cradle to Grave Willow, The Wild Man of the Woods, a large army surplus store, Woodland Ways and the Bushcraft Journal with the last two also doubling up as sponsors. There were some other relevant stands advertised that I didn't see (whether I missed them or they didn't come).

    Sadly it wasn't a big attendance which from a selfish point of view meant that I could spend a lot of time talking one to one with the likes of Will, Steve from Bushcraft Magazine Jason etc but I think this show has the potential to grow into the bushcraft must visit fair in the South East. A lot of the stands said to me that they have a two to three show policy and Jason said that whilst Woodland Ways isn't a charity he knows that if all the stands flounced off saying 'That was rubbish' then the show would fold and then someone else would try and on it goes. Worth thinking about if you are able to attend next year.

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    Bugger, missed it. Will make a note for next year.
    Terry - Enfield

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