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    Thumbs up Claire's Blog

    My wife Claire has started her own Blog covering a variety of things; Gardening, Growing Your Own / Self-Sufficiency, Chickens, Green Cleaning and much more, if yourself or anyone you may know may be interested please share it with them: feel free to leave a comment on her site and bookmark it if you enjoy it.

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    Had a quick look - some interesting info here. I would love an allotment I have been thinking of getting my name on a waiting list for some time. Have a fair bit of knowledge lurking in the dark recesses of my mind from helping as a kid.
    Have to say - if i had to make a choice between a partner and having cats - cats would win every time! You should consider yourself eternally in her debt for that dubious decision!
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    Wow, some handy info there . Bookmarked
    My blog, New England Bushcraft

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    Thanks for taking a look at my blog - after a break over the winter I'm back with a new blog post and hope to write articles much more regularly!

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    ill be checking this out... suppose its that time of the year again... best start thinking about planting!

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