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Thread: DIY Wall Tent

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    DIY Wall Tent

    Several months ago I bought a large canvas tarp from an auction house. It cost the equivalent of five pounds and was listed in the auction as a trampoline

    It's an old natural canvas truck tarp measuring 16x18'
    Click image for larger version. 

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    The canvas is in pretty good condition for its age. It has been used for a painting drop cloth at some point as it has paint spots and marks on it but nothing too bad. The fabric seems sound and has a good tight weave, which is the real thing to look for.

    After thinking about it for too long, I decided to start my wall tent build. I laid it out in the back yard and began to mark out the pieces. I found this picture from an old scout book on the internet and used it as a guide.
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    My final design was 7x9x7'. All the conversions from imperial to metric and the size increase had my little brain in a muddle, so I pegged and strung out the end shape as a reference.
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    The string came in very handy as it meant that I could lay the panels to see if they were right. Marking and cutting on spongey grass made things a a little difficult and I would recommend to anyone trying this kind of thing to find some smooth hard surface to mark and cut the panels.
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    I'm using a 50 year old singer 99k to sew all my MYOG stuff but it seemed to handle the thick canvas well, even a couple of 8 layer corners.

    Thanks to the simple scout plan it went pretty straight forward and I now have a traditional looking wall tent. It's mid winter here now so I'm looking forward to a winter camp out. All that is left to do is to fit the stove jack and some cosy times await.
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    Here's to your hot tent adventures
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    Nice job!
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    Looking good, look forward to the working pics

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    That is looking good well done.

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    Looks very cosy, canvas always looks and feels warmer then modern tents.

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    Awesome job BTW.

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    Well done looks great
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    Thanks guys. I got the stove jack fitted and tested it out with the gas cylinder stove. Everything is working fine but I may use a smaller ammo can size stove as the cylinder stove puts out a volcanic level of heat.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Just got to get into the woods and use the thing now. We have had a bit of a warm spell lately but hopefully I'll get out in a couple of weeks to really try it.

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