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Thread: Free OS Maps For Smart Phones

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    Free OS Maps For Smart Phones

    Well, kind of.
    You have to own them in the first place.

    Here's what I did.
    I took a photograph (from 90 degrees directly overhead) of the area of a map on my camera. I used my camera because I wanted a good quality, hi-resolution, image.
    And then I uploaded the image to my phone.
    Being a smart phone it means I can zoom right in to the image at a good quality resolution.
    So now, when out and about, you have a high-quality, OS version, of a map of the area you want!

    OK, so it's no good if you want to use the map with a compass, but if you are just out, following a footpath, and want a map of your area...well, there you are. It works perfectly for a day's walk. Like I say, it has limits, but if you just want a route map of somewhere (which is probably most of the time) then having them stored on your phone is convenient and handy. Yeah, I know you can get some maps for some smartphones, but these are good, reliable, OS maps with all useful features on them rather than those featureless driving-style maps and, of course, can be used offline so you don't have to worry about a bad signal.
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    Great idea
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    Oh yeah. why have we not all thought of this before. shame on all of us.

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    I tried this today and it worked well. The plus side is the ability to zoom in using the phone. I'd suggest photographing more map/route than you think you'll need though. In bright sunlight is was difficult to impossible to read the screen but we all know that anyway. On the negative side, I hadn't explained the "new system" to the dog. He got bored as I studied the route and pulled hard on his lead taking me off balance where I almost dropped the phone.
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    I seem to recall downloading something free for my phone a few (maybe a few more than a few) years ago. It was a GPS navigator type thing, but you had to take a photo of your map, upload it to your pc and set a scale for the software to identify. The transfer it to your phone, for GPS use.

    I downloadedit, but never got round to adding map to it. It might still be around.

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    I've done something similar - scanned the map and then "stitched" scans together to make the map area I wanted and printed it off on A4 because I don't like risking getting my original maps wet or torn in the field. I'd consider laminating the map if we went to the same place a lot. On the plus side, laminated paper is easy to read in bright sunshine, and works even if you step on it. But mobile phones are better for storing lots of maps so you'd still be able to navigate if you walked off the edge of the map you brought along.

    PS. I take the original maps with me when I go out, but they stay in my backpack so long as the copy suffices.

    I like the idea and I think I'll do this for the maps I have, then I can have a handy pocket-size "map" that is the same as a huge sheet of paper. \o/

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    Try Backcountry Navigator it uses free OS maps from Bing and you can select and download tiles for offline use.

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    New OS mapshave a free download included. New editions from Oct 2015. There is a small silver rub off on the inner card.

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