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Thread: Safety glasses

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    Safety glasses

    Now this is a piece of kit I've not seen talked about at all. Seems to me with all the woods work being done bits of wood chips flying about seems safety glasses even a cheapo set are highly valuable kit. I don't bring them myself as the sunglasses I have are also safety glasses and yes I do wear them when I carve. Going back I didn't but had a small bit of wood almost land in my eye never good.
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    I haven't used safety-specific glasses for woodworking outdoors or on the bench. Never really needed them, my regular bifocals kept the odd chip out of my eye... but they busted the other day, so I'll have to get another set soon.
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    completely agree. You only get one set of eyes.
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    Have a look at 3M on amazon. I've got some very Gucci looking EN rated safety specs for about £13. They are actually quite cool looking with it. Very Oakley looking.
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    Makes sense to use them IMHO
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    It's a good idea to use some form of eye protection be it safety or normal glasses. I never used to until one day at camp I was chopping up some firewood and a small splinter almost got into my eye. It was just pure luck that I blinked at the precise moment the splinter hit. It stuck point first into my eyelid, I hate to think what would have been the outcome if it had stuck in my eyeball. When I got home the first thing was to buy three pairs of Uvex glasses and put a pair in each pack.
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    have a look on ebay at these
    Brilliant glasses after ruining a set of Oakley`s they uv protected and don`t look like safety glasses people cant believe when I say what price they are

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    After you have put on your safety glasses? Good lord, how was the West ever won eh? It's 'Elf and safety gawn maaaaaaad

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    hello Diviy,
    not bad I had a look at the Bolle Tracker II 2 Safety Glasses Goggles - Anti Mist & Scratch - Various Lens. I agree with what you say & you can't go wrong with UV protection. These would be optional for driving your RV (campervan) with anti glare night driving.

    Quote Originally Posted by diviy View Post
    have a look on ebay at these
    Brilliant glasses after ruining a set of Oakley`s they uv protected and don`t look like safety glasses people cant believe when I say what price they are

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    make sure you read the paperwork that comes with them, not all safety glasses are designed to be worn all day!!
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