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Thread: Brushed up my first aid skills

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    Brushed up my first aid skills

    Just completed the 6 hour basic first aid course with a local SAR group I have become a rookie member of.
    It was quite an eye opener. I have not done any first aid training since I worked in Sri Lanka in 2006/2007. And I was very rusty.
    That is the important stuff like heart and lung rescue (what do you call that?), free airways, how to dress a wound, stabilize broken bones etc was still there.
    But the little tricks, like how to turn people over into a stable lay, was gone. + there was a few things I had learned that is now out-dated, or just done differently.

    All in all I can really reccomend taking a refresher course in these things, and do it regurarily. And we have members on the forum who is qualified train you....for a pound or two...well, a little more than that I

    Anyway, next is a training excercise with the Red Cross Rescue services, nad then I hope for more advanced training as I progress trough the system. Will also get a few relevant classes at University like the one named "Humans in Extreme environments" that will start next semester :-)

    Right now I am writing my exam paper in "Excercise planning and management" or whatever it translates to, so I should get back to that :-)
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    Quote Originally Posted by FishyFolk View Post
    That is the important stuff like heart and lung rescue (what do you call that?),
    Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) I could remember CPR and what the C and R stood for but had to check the P to be sure
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    It's part of my job to arrange CPR training for NHS staff and my office is often a dumping ground for spare resus anne dolls, masks, defibrillators and other simulation stuff. I only know the basics though i.e. panic & call 999!
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    I used to train team medics prior to deploying, I also had to do refresher course myself BARTS prior to deploying, I still have all my notes and read them, I do keep up to date as well.

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    Well done, Rune .
    I will be taking a basic 1st aid course sometime in the summer. And then hopefully I'll be able to squeeze in an advanced course to be certified for 1st aid.
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    At my employer, we are provided a rudimentary course which is labelled "AET" or "Annual Expert Training." Somehow after a 6 hour course that covers first-aid, CPR, physical and cybersecurity, and road hazard awareness; we are considered first-aid and CPR "certified." I do appreciate the training, though, because I have very active children and a swimming pool in the back yard.

    I thank God I've never had to use the training for anything more than treating a few open wounds and one shock victim with a dislocated elbow (oh, and the guy who had a grand mal seizure in the office...)

    Good stuff, Rune. Like the quote from Cody Lundin in Jon's signature says, "Be prepared, not scared."

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    Well done Rune, now practice, bandage the wife, that can lead to fun
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    Having a think back, I used to do regular work (and DofE) related first aid training. I reckon the last time was 1993, maybe 92. You got me thinking, maybe I should find a course too.

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    Have to keep up to date what with Scouts and DofE. Good thing too as it has been used a few times out of those situations the worst being quite a nasty accident involving a scooter and two lorries.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jus_young View Post
    Have to keep up to date what with Scouts and DofE. Good thing too as it has been used a few times out of those situations the worst being quite a nasty accident involving a scooter and two lorries.
    To be able to use the knowledge and training when called to do so is admirable, this really should be a skill we all keep current. You never know when it could save a life. This has inspired me to take a refresher course and not be complacent with my very basic level of training.
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