Just completed the 6 hour basic first aid course with a local SAR group I have become a rookie member of.
It was quite an eye opener. I have not done any first aid training since I worked in Sri Lanka in 2006/2007. And I was very rusty.
That is the important stuff like heart and lung rescue (what do you call that?), free airways, how to dress a wound, stabilize broken bones etc was still there.
But the little tricks, like how to turn people over into a stable lay, was gone. + there was a few things I had learned that is now out-dated, or just done differently.

All in all I can really reccomend taking a refresher course in these things, and do it regurarily. And we have members on the forum who is qualified train you....for a pound or two...well, a little more than that I guess...lol

Anyway, next is a training excercise with the Red Cross Rescue services, nad then I hope for more advanced training as I progress trough the system. Will also get a few relevant classes at University like the one named "Humans in Extreme environments" that will start next semester :-)

Right now I am writing my exam paper in "Excercise planning and management" or whatever it translates to, so I should get back to that :-)