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Thread: Swedish mess kit

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    And they wonder why some folk have a problem with authority! sorry... character building
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    Rune seems to be a field punishment in most NATO Forces cleaning the Dixie's i.e. mess tins or the larger field 3 Gallon aluminium pots for cooking large quantities of rations e.g. stews, soups etc.. & I even recall a friend of mine saying they had to polish a aluminium dustbin until it was shining for making the troops tea in
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    I have the ali and SS version, I have switched the burner in my ali one to a trangia burner due to what I keep in it, I prefer the SS especially if car camping. For cleaning they aren't the best but I still like their design with bail handle and stackability with the top on the pot and how it can be used either way up. The design is a lot better than our mess tinsin keeping stuff warm and contained it is one of the main reasons why we use metal mugs so much that the even changed the design of the hexi burner to have a top which held the 85 or crusader and other metal mugs.

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