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Thread: US Pup Tent Mod

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    Very nice work USSurpluscamper. The ground sheet looks like the perfect thing. I use an australian jungle ground sheet but it only covers the sleeping area. They are a great fireside shelter with the mod and I hope you get out in the cold with your ammo can stove. It's great to open share all this stuff and you have done it very well sir. We all learn from each other.
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    Thanks Phrayzar I appreciate the compliments. I am also working on re-configuring the tent poles for it also. I noticed you had it set up between two trees, which allows you to set it up without the poles right in the middle of the tent. I have set mine up that way also. However, if there are no trees at the right distance it can be a pain. I am working on setting up the poles so they run from the ridge line down the sides to the ground so that leaves the tent wide open for space without having those pesky poles right in the middle and in the way. Nevertheless, pitching it between two trees is the best set up for avoiding that issue, and makes for a little lighter packing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by USSurplusCamper View Post
    Nice mods to the Pup Tent, and thanks for the idea. I may have one for you in return. Have you ever considered a canvas groundsheet for the pup tent? I have been searching for one for about a year now, but with no luck. I read somewhere that the US Army Pup Tent had one during the Korean War era but discontinued them prior to the Vietnam War. So I decided to take the bull by the horns and come up with something myself. I chose the silicone treated polyester canvas, 15 oz. for the groundsheet and had a friend hem it up after I laid out the dimensions and cut it to the size I needed leaving extra for hemming. I ordered a 12 x 6 exact size tarp from Tarp Supply to do it. I installed the grommets in their proper locations to align up with the grommets on the base of the pup tent and eliminated the grommets that were not needed. I have ordered the same kind of snaps that is customarily used in the pup tent and plan on installed the snaps to that it will also snap in and pan around the sides of the groundsheet.Attachment 13366

    I also made a tent stove out of a 50 caliber ammo can this last weekend. I am picking up a welders blanket to cover the groundsheet and the tent to allow me to use it in the tent without damaging the groundsheet or the tent.
    Attachment 13367

    However, here is a pic of the side zippers installed on the tent while I used it last March on an outing with some friends at a local park.
    Attachment 13368

    However, the good news is the groundsheet, I am working with Tarp Supply and they are considering manufacturing the groundsheet as a regular item with just the grommets, the snap kit to create a snap in assembly is still a possible consideration. Anyway, thanks for letting me share my mods and thanks for sharing yours, awesome job and thanks again for the suggestions on the zippered sides.
    Impressive mods, really like the 50 cal ammo can stove
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    I will be posting a video on youtube and have a link to it here of the groundsheet when it is finished.

    Has anyone simply put the stove pipe through the end of the Pup tent by leaving a couple snaps unsnapped?

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    Ok guys here it is, I finally have the ground tarp in my pup tent. I am going to install snaps around the perimeter of the ground tarp and along the base of the tent so that it can be snapped in as well, but here is what I have so far. Yes, that is my pup tent with the Whelen mods in the background.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_20150711_102849_717.jpg 
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    That looks perfect USSC. I have thought about exiting the chimney through the snap fasteners. I think that you might need some kind of stand off frame to keep the fabric away from the hot chimney, and maybe something like carbon felt for extra protection but it would be the most straight forward way to do it.

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    I watched a video on youtube where someone did exactly that, but I cannot find it now. If I find it I will share the link... or... if I set it up with mine successfully I will share the photos.

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    [QUOTE=USSurplusCamper;129269]I watched a video on youtube where someone did exactly that, but I cannot find it now.

    It was probably this video by Lepmiester, He's the guy that sewed in the zippers. The still shot of the two tents is both of our tents during a canoe trip.

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    Thanks for posting that one, I did see it before, but it is not the one I was thinking. The one I was speaking of the guy exited the stove pipe through the two halves were they snapped together on the bell. Maybe it got pulled down I don't know, I wished I would have book marked that page.

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