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    Student Bushcraft practice yesterday over by Lanark fire lighting skills. These skills include fire management from start kindling to extinguishing.
    A beautiful day BTW +21C got sunburn. We did manage to use shards of flint on flint along with flint & steel, bow drill, magnifying glass, & the SAK magnifying glass to ignite various tinder & some dry vegetation scavenged on route brought into the area where we were practicing Bushcraft skills. The area we use, there's very little risk of fire spreading due to the landscape, as we were advised by a Scottish Fire & Rescue Team member beforehand of a number of blazes in & around Scotland as the dry weather & large quantities of dead vegetation increased the risk of wildfires. This dangerous weather a combination of dry conditions, strong winds, & low humidity increase the risk of wildfires, making this time of year peak wildfire season. There were a few of these noted, one up on Tinto Hill by Thankerton (nr Lanark) pall of grey smoke from burning gorse on mid level of the hill itself & later on way home a blaze over near high parks wooded area of Hamilton South Lanarkshire. In direct contrast today, it's been rain, hail, sleet, & snow blowing over the area since 10am.

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    We don't normally have wildfires in my part of the Northeastern US, but I do remember two occasions, one in particular, that affected my local woodland. It was around 6 or 7 years ago that a careless fool caused the destruction of 5 acres of forest, they did not extinguish the fire appropriately. On the plus side, the fire cleared the land of Asiatic Bittersweet and the ashes fertilised the soil. This happened at the eastern edge of the woodland.
    The other time was more recent, maybe 3 years, in which multiple people were smoking on an open summit of a hill, and threw their junk over the edge, where it started to smoulder and catch on the dead and dry leaf litter. That same day I was out hiking, and saw the smoke...I also had 2 quart jug of water with me. So I investigated, doused the fire, and called the local fire boys to better extinguish it. They did, and they were glad I caught it because the entire hill was at risk

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    We get ours in the spring. The period right after the snow has melted is usually very dry, specially on the coast. Last year a whole village burned as the fire started during high winds resulting in a fire storm..

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