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Thread: Essex group

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    Welcome big-d. You are in luck. I organise the breakfast club. A group of people from mainly Essex and Kent. Keep an eye out for inside the m25, in the southeast groups. I myself live in Braintree. From Chelmsford until last August. There are a couple of chaps that live chelmsford. Let me know when's a good night and we can meet up face to face.
    if meeting local in Chelmsford im in for a beer lol

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    To big d and crafty bush. I can show you the site on Saturday for a few hours say 1 o' clock. Only need a day bag and lunch, hot or cold it's up to you.

    The Staging post for all our over night shin digs start at Bedfords Park Visitor Centre, Broxhill Road, Havering-atte-Bower, Romford, RM4 1QH.

    We meet at the first lay-by on the right as you drive through the gate, I'm trying to sort a sign. Once we have all met and said the hellos, we move onto the site. the history lesson starts there.

    Any problems or question PM me for details and phone numbers.

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    I would do but I'm scouting this weekend sorry dude.

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