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Thread: German parafin lamp modded for cooking

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    German parafin lamp modded for cooking

    Hi all,

    Lately, I have been playing around making mini gasifier type stoves amongst other things I also made a liquid fuelled cooking stove.
    As you can see from the images, I made it from a German lantern lamp. I know it may seem a waste of a good lamp, but, large and cumbersome and it was not in good order, it had been bent up and rusted for a while, so i am putting it to good use now.

    The stainless steel cup that i am cooking with has a hollow construction and was also sacrificed for this project lol.
    As can be seen from the image of the underside, I have cut out a large area of the outside layer of steel.
    It is hard to see, but I have also drilled holes in outer layer 3/4 way up the cup, so the flames and heat are pulled up and throught the holes, giving lots of heat contact to the inner layer.

    It took around 8 mins to start boiling a full cup of water.. with the flame at medium, this shows that its about the same as my tin can gasifier stove in terms of heat output onto the cooking pot.
    I think it needs some improvements, it gets a little sooty using parafin and also it is bit too tall and un-balanced for my liking. I will try other fuels but and probably create way to make it more rigid;l for cooking on.
    Another thing i noticed was it handles quiet a gusty breeze without flickering or making any noise, the flame rises high still. So if I add any more vent holes to reduce the soot, I will be careful to choose the right area as to not intefere with its wind shielding capabilities.
    Its pretty lightweight with no fuel in the chamber and reasonably compact when seperated.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    also i thought would give a quick look at my tiny wood stove that boils water in 20 mins approx. I used 3 sawdust/wax lumps.
    A sardine can on top of a tobacco tin.
    Its fun to try so many configurations and always suprising how some things just... fit together!
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Neat project .
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