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Thread: Which software do you use to edit camera videos

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    Lots of very helpful stuff, I appreciate the replies. I have just been playing with iPhoto which was ok but typical of Mac it stuff drives you down certain pathways. Will check out your recommendations.

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    Hi there
    Many of the top NLE's have cheaper versions... ie: Premiere Elements and Final Cut Express. These may be worth a look...

    The main issue I have with many of the NLE's aimed at the amateur market is that they are full of funky transistions and effects (which you really don't need) but lack many of the basic functions like multiple video and audio tracks, motion tracking and picture in picture etc... that I do need.
    I use Premiere CS4 on my home PC, but have used Final Cut Pro and Edius professionally.
    I really didn't like Sony Vegas either... most of these programmes have the same logic and if you can use one you can usually get on with most of them, Vegas however seems to have a logic of its own.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Magicdave View Post
    Like Jacob I have never been a fan of Sony Vegas and it has never been taken seriously in the professional world. But it does have a massive fan base among a good number of serious amateurs. Part of the reason is it's starting price, which then takes you in, and I've seen some great edits done on it.

    It is a good idea to try lots of different free, or free trial, NLE's and find what you like to work with. It is an even better idea to search for online tutorials for any you find first, many of which are free, before even trying one. That way you can take a look at how it works and see what you think before waisting time. Also, you will find out if there is an abundance, or next to nothing, available in the way of learning material for future advancements on what you are using.
    Yes ,try a lot of softwares,you will find the best one !

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    Windows Mogvie makler and Adobe Premiere pro...
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    I use video pad video editor. Was so impressed that I bought it ! But the free version is pretty good for basic editing

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