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Thread: Do YOU feel the cold since an injury?

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    Do YOU feel the cold since an injury?

    a few years ago (3) i broke my pelvis into 3 pieces and my back at T7,T8 also left wrist which has plates n screws n junk in it......i never do anything by halves according to my Mum! 52 i know feel the cold summat rotten! I lived in Spain for ten years but used to camp in the mountains in winter at -9 in just a army arctic bag, and a mat with a tarp....I never wore a jacket even on the coldest days....long trousers, a t shirt and a long sleeve shirt always sufficed.

    Has anyone else felt the cold more since an injury? or is it just me?

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    Nearly 6 years ago I had heart surgery to repair a leaky valve, they actually went in twice; once via DaVinci robotic surgery, and then 2 weeks later via an emergency thoracatomy (if I'm spelling that right...) meaning they split my breastbone in two and butterflied me to get in quickly because they thought my Aorta was going to burst or something.

    Anyway, after that surgery, I feel the cold much more than before it. I had the operation in early May 2009, and in early fall that year, my uncle who is a different kind of surgeon was visiting and checking up on me and said, "I bet you feel the cold a lot more now than you did before the surgery." I said, "Yeah, I do!" He went on to explain why it was so, but another side effect of my surgery was a mini-stroke (TIA) combined with a massive migraine event which caused me to lose bits of memory including one entire day... So I have no idea why I feel the cold more, I just do. I should talk to my uncle.

    Funny thing is, it's not that I MIND the cold, I just feel it more and dress for it. I enjoy the -40 days as much as the +40 days.

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    I've been split open from just under the breastbone down to well bellow my navel 4 times to have pieces of my small intestine removed. I have practically been gutted like a fish. I wear a thin soft shell jacket, preferably with zippers uner the armpits so I can ventilate, with nothing but a t-shirt under trough most of the winter. And I am in Northern Norway.
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    When I was 15 (27 years ago) I was holding a triangular pice of wood in one hand and chiseling towards that with the other. Stupid is a stupid does, I stabbed my hand and chipped the bone. For years after my thumb locked closed in winter. It doesn't do that any more.

    2, maybe 3 years ago, I'm not sure. I broke my ankle real bad on the ice. I got a titanium plate (still have a picture of the staples after the operation but I'll spare you from that) and I definitely noticed that I felt the cold more. I am a very warm sleeper and have always handled cold temperatures better than most, but this made a big difference. Hopefully this also helps, but since then everything is back to normal.

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    I feel it in my wrist, ankles and knees after a few too many "offs" on my motorbike. My mum reckons turmeric capsules work to help this but they just repeat on me something rotten!!

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    I know I do ever since the car accident screwed up my hip I've become a human barometer for weather changes. And it really gives my jip when the weather turns cold.

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    Broke both wrists. First one near 30 yrs ago now most recent brake about 11 yrs now. Yep my hands get cold easy now.
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    I did my acromioclavicular (more often referred to as the AC) joint back in '03. I'm quite lucky in that it's not effected by the cold, but if I have a good night's sleep and spend to much of it on my left hand side I know about in the morning. I suspect that's why I enjoy my hammock as I usually stay on my back all night.
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    Between the snapped anterior cruciate ligament and my shot rotator cuff. Thanks Rugby. Yeah I'm in agreement, the cold once into a joint injury will cause some problems.
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    I think it's generally said that cold and damp weather affect old injury sites.
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