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Thread: SAS Survival Guide

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    SAS Survival Guide

    Hi Guys

    I`ve been looking around for a copy of John Lofty Wisemans SAS Survival Guide book,

    But can only find it in Collins Gem format is this the only size that this book has been printed in?

    Could do with a larger size of book as I find it easier for bed time reading


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    Samuel Hearne
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    I have the large version as well as the Collins Gem, I have seen the large version for sale on ebay. have just looked on ebay and you can pick it up for 7 with free delivery.
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    Epub format located at bottom, just click download epub

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ehecatl View Post
    Thanks ordered a copy today but 1p for a book seems odd,
    I guess they make their money on the postage?

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    Well the book arrived in the post today and is in great condition

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