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Thread: Seeking photos of morels...

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    Seeking photos of morels...

    Has anyone has got, or can get this spring, some really nice morel photos?

    I have a book coming out next year on fungi foraging in the UK (details here, but there's a handful of important species I am don't have decent photos of. These include both the famous edible morels (Morchella esculenta and elata) and the false morel (Gyromitra esculenta). I'm obviously going to do my best to get some photos this spring, but none of them are easy to find. The two edible species are actually more likely to turn up in people's gardens than in the "wild".

    Anyway...if anybody can supply me with a photo that gets used, in addition to a photo credit in the book I can offer a free signed copy when it comes out in July 2016. Ideally it will include multiple specimens, including a young one and a mature one, and it obviously needs to be hi-res (at least 3000x4000 pixels) and properly exposed.

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