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Thread: sunbeams over the woods

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    sunbeams over the woods

    i had got such a nice and amazing day. today it was about 61F (16c) and the first sunbeams came out of the sky that year. on all my latest trips into the woods i had to wear a lot of clothes, but today i could sit outdoors just in a t-shirt. drank some filtred water out of a small brook and enjoyed a pea soup boiled on my hobo. i love it. i hope all of you guys will enjoy the spring. have fun and go out.
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    We're in the middle of a warming strike, it was almost 10 C/50 F outside earlier, and the next couple days will be the same...that is, according to the crazed weather forecasters . February was a great month for us, we had a lot of snow and chilly nights that made you love your sleeping bag even more . Winter looks to be coming to a close, but if we're lucky we may get another snowstorm or two. It has been a great season, for sure - it had a delayed start but made a turn-around in the beginning of January.
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    sounds good... i think i saw snow in that winter season just three times and each time just for a day or maybe two days. but we had tons of rain and it was mostly a challenge to light up a fire with wet wood. the forests in my region were such a big mud, but it was fun...

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