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Thread: greetings!

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    it is nice and very intersting to see how much bushcraft-action is goin on in the uk.
    well, the latest time i was writing in an online forum is a very long time ago. my name is rapha and i am from the western side of germany. please do not think what does that crazy german dude do in our forum or if you prefer to think that way, just ignore me.
    so i am lookin forward in some mindly exchange about bushcraft and intersting things about nature and life.
    greets from ratinger wald!

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    Welcome to the community

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    south shropshire
    Hi Rapha and from Shropshire, Ken.
    Ne te confundant illigitimi It is always a pleasure to see what you can make !, instead of buying it ready made. R Proenneke.

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    hi there again...i also got my frist question...
    is it also hard to find a square kilometre forrest without any ways through it in the uk?
    i live in a really overpoppulated area and it is very difficult to find a spot in the wood where you could be alone.
    the biggest motivation for me to do bushcraft is to flee out of the city and have no one arround me. no cars, no noise, no faces...

    @Rasputin: i checked out your area "shropshire" on google-maps. looks really nice and big... i have been to the uk back in 2006, but unfortunatly i missed to have a trip through english forrests...
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    another question is: had you also got a big storm in may 2014 in the uk?
    in our region we had got a big destroying storm(storm called "ela") in may 2014 and a lot of trees were fallen down. right now you can find here tons of dead wood and the forrests look like total chaos. but i like it. usually you wont find real chaotic forrets because everything is planned and ordered for agriculture and forestry...
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    Rapha,to the forum n our Alles Gute.
    You are never too old to learn!. A SURVIVER!

    "Peasants Rule,and your Knife is your Tool."
    "A Knifeless man is a Lifeless man".Nordic Proverb.

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    Wilkomme from the snowy Connecticut woodlands
    My blog, New England Bushcraft

    "Give me six hours to chop down a tree, and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe."
    ~ Abraham Lincoln

    "Be prepared, not scared."
    ~ Cody Lundin

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    thanks for your welcomes and replies

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    Hi Rapha, welcome from Liverpool, New York, USA.

    Don't worry about anyone questioning "what does that crazy german dude do in our forum." We are all a bit crazy here, and there are folks from all over the globe on this forum. That's something I really love about this place.

    All the best!

    "Everywhere is within walking distance if you have the time..." ~Steven Wright~

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    Willkommen Rapha!! Greetings from North Yorkshire!


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