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Thread: Can someone ID these plants?

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    Can someone ID these plants?

    I hope this is the right forum but alas I found these plants in my backyard. I am thinking they are nettles and the flowers are chamomiles, but the buds look different. Any help would be great!
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    Click image for larger version. 

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    I am sorry about the quality of these pictures, my iPad is horrible at uploading pics via Tapatalk

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    Hi Ranger,

    It is really hard to tell with the poor quality.
    Could you get a close up view of the Stem & Leaf on each.
    And a close up on the flower.
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    Think youll be safe,its not the stuff,the DRUG squad will be raiding you for growing
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    The flower looks to me like some kind of aster, can't be sure, but I swear I've seen something very similar to those up here. The fruits are small green spiny things.
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    Quote Originally Posted by midas View Post
    Think youll be safe,its not the stuff,the DRUG squad will be raiding you for growing

    ...sorry, i have got no idea what these plants could be...

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    I have someone round who is a keen gardener and the answer I got was "they look like weeds". When I looked unhappy with that she screwed up her face trying to pick out the detail & said "well the first one is a thistle-y thing"

    Hmm...guess that's not helping much!
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    Impossible to be certain with such blurry pics, especially from such a distance from leaf and stem. Top two pics do not look like either Stinging Nettle ( or Wood Nettle ( Perhaps y'all have some other form of nettle across the pond? While it is possible the latter two pics could be chamomile (, far from certain given the poor quality of the pics. In addition to clarity, objects showing scale (such as a ruler, pen, coin, etc) are also helpful in ID pics. Cheers!

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